Weapons are a main part of the game. You will need them for battling as they boast great stat boosts. Some weapons can be bought on shops, while some are dropped by enemies, or earned exclusively on sidequests. Spoilers!

Icon Name Description Character Price STR MP SPI CRI EVA SPD Element Priority
2x4 2X4 A wooden board. Smashing enemies since 1988. Anyone 10 +6 STR +2 SPD Bludgeoning 101
Hammer Hammer It's Hammer time! Anyone 20 +8 STR Bludgeoning 102
Shovel Shovel Dig your way through your enemies! Anyone 30 +12 STR Bludgeoning 103
Bone Bone Ugah! Anyone 10

+8 STR

Bludgeoning 104
Magic Bone Magic Bone No "Boner" jokes in here. Anyone 182 +13 STR +13 SPI Bludgeoning 105
EXtreMAS Blade eXtreMAS Blade A blade for the happiest moment of the year. Easy to use, super expensive. Johnny 2500 +35 STR +15 SPI Slashing 106
EXtreMAS Staff eXtreMAS Staff A Staff for the happiest moment of the year. Easy to use, super expensive. Nigel 2500 +15 STR +35 SPI Slashing 107
Rusty Sword Rusty Sword Rusty, but with a lot of style! Johnny 20 +13 STR Slashing 110
Long Sword Long Sword A classic. Johnny 45 +15 STR Slashing 111
Battleaxe Battleaxe It's huuuge! Johnny 50 +19 STR Slashing 120
Handaxe Handaxe Let me AXE you a question! It never gets old. Johnny 100 +18 STR +1 CRI Slashing 121
Long Sword+1 Long Sword+1 It's magic dude! Johnny 100 +17 STR +15 Max MP Slashing 122
Double Orc Axe Double Orc Axe Orc love smash! Johnny 180 +26 STR Slashing 123
Illegitimate Sword Illegitimate Sword A real bastard sword! Johnny 175 +21 STR +2 CRI Slashing 131
Masterwork Sword Masterwork Sword Keep out of children's reach. Johnny 175 +20 STR +25 Max MP Slashing 132
Spirit Sword Spirit Sword Its blade is made of pure magic. Johnny 350 +45 SPI Slashing 135
Greatsword Greatsword More great than a common sword. Johnny 150 +25 STR +2 CRI Slashing 140
Awesomesword Awesomesword More awesome than a common greatsword Johnny 300 +26 STR +2 CRI Slashing 141
Morningstar Morningstar It has nothing to do with stars... Johnny 300 +23 STR +35 Max MP


Dark's Blade Dark's Blade The weapon of an Unnamed's knight. Lightning properties Johnny 260 +29 STR +30 Max MP Lightining 150
Elven Spear Elven Spear Long, hard and green. Johnny 520 +34 STR +3 CRI Piercing 151
Magi Machete Magi Machete Its blade is made of the most famous Mexican mithral. Johnny 520 +30 STR +40 Max MP +1 CRI Slashing 152
Maul Heavy and deadly. Johnny TBA +44 STR TBA 160
Katana Katana Does not need introduction. Johnny 675 +39 STR +3 CRI Slashing


Spectacle Blade Spectacle Blade Obnotchiously big and colorful! Johnny 675 +34 STR +45 Max MP +1 CRI Slashing 162
I.C.E. Flail I.C.E. Flail A solid block of ice and metal. Great. Johnny 935 +47 STR +4 CRI


I.C.E. Sword I.C.E. Sword Magically crafted from ice by I.C.E. Johnny 935 +40 STR +65 Max MP SlashingIce 165
Eidous' Greatsword Eidous' Greatsword Forged by Unnamed himself. Limited edition. Johnny 1200 +44 STR +50 Max MP +3 CRI



Destiny's Greatsword Destiny's Greatsword Used by the strongest Heroes of Destiny Johnny 1650 +49 STR +50 Max MP +3 CRI Slashing 171
Spirit Greatsword Spirit Greatsword Its huge blade is made of pure magic. Johnny 1650 +75 SPI Slashing 180
Bloodsteel Axe Forged in the depths of the Abiss. Johnny TBA +52 STR +50 Max MP +4 CRI TBA 181
Advance Flail Advance Flail An heavy and deadly blunt object for expert fighters! Johnny 8000 +59 STR +55 Max MP +5 CRI Bludgeoning 182
Legendary Axe An extraordinary powerful axe. Johnny TBA +74 STR +70 Max MP +6 CRI


Epic Morningstar An enchanted weapon with astonishing qualities. Johnny TBA +90 STR +80 Max MP +7 CRI TBA 184
Ultimate Sword The greatest sword ever made for Fighters. Johnny TBA +114 STR +100 Max MP +8 CRI TBA 185

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