There are certain quests that are called side quests doing these isnt required but go towards your overall completion of the game some of them are more stressful like the Warg fur one but they are all equaly rewarding.

There are 3 tiers for each sidequest and even if getting the Gold one might require some patience and skill, the reward is often an unique item you can't get otherwise.

Everytime you complete a sidequest you get either other sidequest items with the example of Warg Fur some times you just get rations but each gives better stuff at eich tier bronze silver and gold.

The complete list of sidequest is:

Lv1 Dead or alive? : Kill 10 Undead to gain 4 "One Up"
Lv2 Dead or alive? : Kill 50 Undead to gain 1 "Magic Bone"
Lv3 Dead or alive? : Kill 150 Undead to gain 1 "Shinigami Emblem"

Lv1 My name is Wolf: Kill 10 Wolf to gain 10 "Wolf Sandwich"
Lv2 My name is Wolf: Kill 50 Wolf to gain 1 "Wolf Amulet"
Lv3 My name is Wolf: Kill 150 Wolf to gain 1 "Perfect Wolf Sandwich"

Lv1 Wargiful!: Collect 2 "Warg Pelt" to gain 1 "Warg Helmet" and -2 "Warg Pelt"
Lv2 Wargiful!: Collect 3 "Warg Pelt" to gain 1 "Warg Cape" and -3 "Warg Pelt"
Lv3 Wargiful!: Collect 4 "Warg Pelt" to gain 1 "Warg Purse" and -4 "Warg Pelt"

Lv1 Ex-Orc-ism!: Kill 25 Orckin to gain 1 "Double Orc Axe"
Lv2 Ex-Orc-ism!: Kill 75 Orckin to gain 4 "Gritty Cheese"
Lv3 Ex-Orc-ism!: Kill 150 Orckin to gain 1 "Golden Axe"

Lv1 Angry Birds!: Kill 10 Chicken to gain 16 "Food Ration"
Lv2 Angry Birds!: Kill 50 Chicken to gain 1 "Golzen Egg"
Lv3 Angry Birds!: Kill 150 Chicken to gain 1 "Golden Egg"

Lv1 Winter Collection: Collect 2 "White Pelt" to gain 1 "St. Moriaz Helmet" and -2 "White Pelt"
Lv2 Winter Collection: Collect 3 "White Pelt" to gain 1 "St. Moriaz Cape" and -3 "White Pelt"
Lv3 Winter Collection: Collect 4 "White Pelt" to gain 1 "St. Moriaz Purse" and -4 "White Pelt"

Upcoming in 1.2

Lv1 Hocus Pocus!: Kill 25 Spellcaster to gain 1 "Magic Diploma"
Lv2 Hocus Pocus!: Kill 75 Spellcaster to gain 1 "V.I.P. Magic Pass"
Lv3 Hocus Pocus!: Kill 150 Spellcaster to gain 1 "Arcanum Paper"


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