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Welcome to the Doom And Destiny WikiEdit

Doom & Destiny is a role playing video-game that lets you live the adventures of Mike,Johnny,Francis and Nigel, four friends that were accidentally summoned to a fantasy realm of magic and monstrous creatures. Currently it is available on XBOX Live Indie Games for 400 MSP (equivalent to 5$ or 5€ depending on region).

The game is also available on pc-windows system on Desura at the price of 5$ and on Windows Phone and Android for 3$. A special limited edition in 350 dvd copies was sold starting november 1 2012 at the price of 10€ wich contains a map of the world, a set of stickers and 2 extra games from the developer : Miner Warfare and Spyleaks.

Plot SummaryEdit

Save the princess, fetch the magic items, beat the villain, go home and eat pizza!
And don't forget: buy the game!

Other language: Русский

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